How to build trust, attract the right partners and create wealth through business and investments

Trust is the New Currency is co-authored by Sheila Holt and Fredrik Sandvall

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Trust Is The New Currency
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Trust Is The New Currency is an
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Trust Is The New Currency is 

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Why we've written this book

Together we thought it would be fun and challenging to share ideas and add our thoughts to the world, especially on the topic close to our hearts – the relationship of trust - which underpins how we have built our individual businesses. We offer something fresh, new and maybe even a little thought provoking about trust and its central position in the world of business today. We both know that money follows trust and how it can be positively used to create wealth.


We think differently and yet we also think similarly about a variety of things including relationships, people and business. We both operate from a basis of trust. Individually, we have a range of business experiences and a mountain of people and relationship knowledge. We’re both entrepreneurs and Fredrik is passionate about helping others through learning and growth, whilst Sheila is passionate about relationships and how people think. We are both outliers, in other words, we sit outside the usual bell-curve with our ideas and actions.

Listen to this 22 minute Podcast with Fredrik and Sheila sharing ideas on Partnerships in Investing

Sheila and Fredrik introduce to you their book and explain why they feel it is so important to get the message out there about putting TRUST at the heart of your business

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