Sheila's personality shines through in her business which, uniquely in the finance sector, specialises in building lifelong relationships, trust and communication.  It is the finance business with heart.  Sheila's lightness and brightness of character; together with high energy, drive and passion, transforms the serious and yet often overcomplicated business of finance and brings to it an ease and clarity of working.

Sheila now recognises she is both an outlier and a disrupter, which means that a standard career path in the university sector never suited her - a discomfort which lead her to a life-changing moment: Attending a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course in Hawaii opened her mind to entrepreneurship and gave her a completely different direction and purpose in life.  Always fascinated by how people think, Sheila developed a coaching practise utilising NLP; helping her clients reach clarity, focus and success.  During this time Sheila was also actively investing in property.  The big lesson she learned from building a sizable portfolio was that; in the property industry money needs to flow.

In 2007 she loaned some of her own money to a property developer and recognising a need in the market; this was the first step to becoming what is now Sapphire Lending.  The business has evolved and grown over the years and she's in a very fortunate position of having attracted a great team, strong advisors and good systems.  All of this has been done by applying the theories, practices and actions you will read in this book.


Fredrik has two approaches that have been with him throughout his life and career - people and creating growth.  His curiosity and competitiveness led him to many different parts of the world helping others from fighting organised to diplomatic negotiations and working in war zones.  He went on to graduate with an MBA from Lancaster University and used this as a transition into consulting where he had customers from incubator start-ups to some of the largest companies in the world.

Fredrik is the Managing Director of Global Sales Consulting where he acts as trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and business owners in raising capital and winning large deals.  He is also a Partner in Sandvall Invest; a family investment company which he runs with his brother.  This delivers excellent returns on cash and pension funds via ethical safe and sound property investments.

Fredrik has involved his two sons Ivan and Charlie in Global Sales Consulting and in the process of learning to become entrepreneurs together they interview business leaders for the podcast Invest In You.