Trust is the New Currency

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The book is divided into three parts. We've developed a model depicted by a separate graphic to visually represent the key elements of each part.

Part One - The foundations of trust and how to build trust

This covers how to reach total trust which is at the heart of our model including establishing trust faster and using your gut instinct to support your decisions.

How to create trust and put it at the very heart of all your business relationships

Total trust can be built through using the three cornerstones of tuned in, third party and time. We know that money follows trust.

Part Two - Building the business engine and attracting the right business partners

This section covers the key roles in the Business Engine, how to play to people’s strengths and create an awesome team.

The three key roles in any business engine are Trailblazer, Dealmaker and Specialist each supported by Doers. Finding and understanding where you fit in to your own business engine and who else you need to add. Understanding how each of these key roles work independently and interdependently to contribute to, and scale, your business.

Part Three - The investment triangle. Partnering to create wealth through business and investments

Bringing it all together. The powerful combination of Purpose, People and Projects will give you the Results you desire.

The Investment Triangle: Finding your purpose, your big why which is greater than your business. Understanding the importance of how each part plays a vital role in the development of any business and the creation of wealth. Ultimately learning/discovering when you are doing things right you can reach peak performance.

You can download a pdf of The Trust Triangle, The Business Engine and The Investment Triangle from the book.
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We have created these handy hints to help you to grow your wealth

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Sheila and Fredrik talk about part two of their book: The Business Engine (4 mins)

A 4 minute video by Sheila and Fredrik, describing part three of their book: The Investment Triangle

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What people think


Here are some of our reviews from Amazon

Martin & Sarah Rapley
★★★★  An excellent read

In this book the authors explain straight-forward, useable models that will help all entrepreneurs with their businesses. The models have been built from years of experience and will be an invaluable resource to all readers.

More importantly, this book is written from the heart and I’d recommend
it to anyone who is looking to start a business or is currently running one.
Trust is definitely the new currency.


Ray McLennan
★★★★  Compulsory reading for all business schools

I got this on Kindle and read most of it on the first day. Very good book, well written and full of good information. I’m recommending it to some bankers I know!


Piotr U
★★★★  Phenomenal

This book should be in every entrepreneur's home library. The authors included practical advice that they checked while implementing it in their businesses. They quickly teach how to build, develop and scale a company based on trust, which is the currency of the future. The book is divided into three parts: the first describes the foundations of trust, the second you will learn how to build a business engine based on three key roles in business, and the third where you will learn how thanks to the partnership you can build wealth and develop business. It's the book I've been waiting for. I highly recommend it to everyone.