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Download a chapter from the book for free HERE all about Building the Business Engine...

"These are incredible entrepreneurial times.  The number of opportunities available, the speed of technology as well as innovation, potential support and access to money are some of the reasons why these times are so amazing.  There is a new currency of trust and this book will help you understand that trust is invaluable in your business and your own growth.  You will get insights and understanding about how to build trust, attract the right partners and create wealth through business and investments.  There is more money available than ever before and you will see clearly that money follows trust."

"The Trust Triangle, the Business Engine and the Investment Triangle are each stand-alone models.  They can be used in total isolation from one another and will work perfectly well as a complete, independent model.  They can also be used sequentially in the order we introduce them in the book or, they can be used concurrently in any order together in an interdependent way.  No matter how you use these models, they will work.  Our experiences with people, both in business and through coaching, have led us to create and develop the three models which we continue to use to grow our own business."

"Why have you, as an entrepreneur, picked up this book?

It could be any number of reasons:

  1. You want to develop a fresh and vital approach to business
  2. You want to learn how to build relationships in your existing or your new business, founded on trust
  3. You are curious about how to use trust as currency to attract the right business partners
  4. You've already built a successful business and are now looking for new alliances and investments to create wealth
  5. Someone you trust recommended this book

Whatever has attracted you to our book, trust your instincts and enjoy."

"A triangle is the strongest structure in the world.  It cannot collapse.  In fact, it's impossible mathematically for it to collapse.  Isn't that a good place for any business to start from?  You only need to think back to the pyramids and even today, where design engineers continue to use the triangle as their shape of choice.  If you look at building structures you'll begin to see triangles and patterns of triangles all around you; from the bases of bridges to the roof on your house.  When triangles are put together they tesselate leaving no space between them, so all sorts of different patterns are built from one basic triangle.  You can also observe this if you pay attention to your surroundings in nature."

"Tuning in to people is where we start with trust.  Both of us intuitively trust people until they prove they can't be trusted and that's how we work - from an intuitive foundation in business, and an intuitive foundation in life."

"If we begin any new business relationship with an open and curious mind (backed up by being our authentic selves), this allows us to discover so much more about the other person in terms of social clues and intangibles.  These are things we really can't see but we can feel, such as their energy levels and enthusiasm.  By being attentive to how the other person is behaving or appears to us, we can then adjust the way we communicate, and it helps us in being 'liked' more by them.  After all, it's good to be liked and it also shows that we are tuning in to the other person.  This doesn't necessarily mean you want to be best friends, it's about being able to get along in a fruitful business relationship."

"It's important to listen - to really listen to the other person without thinking about what you're going to say.  Listen to the actual words another person uses to convey their message.  Are these words positive or negative?  Do they directly express something or merely imply something?  Are the words about the speaker or referring to other people?  Also, be aware of what tone is being used to convey the words?  Tonality gives many clues to what a person really means."

"Values drive who you are and how you behave in life.  They are filters that help you decide which actions are right or wrong, good or bad.  Our values are like a magnet, they attract other people who share similar values, and that they can help to repel people who have opposite values."

"It's human nature to be interested in what other people are thinking about things in general and this also applies when we are about to make a selection, support a decision or buy products or services.  When we trust someone then we also value their advice highly."

"A recommendation from a third party you trust already is even more powerful than any facts, figures and research you might have collected.  Good quality referrals are the lifeblood of any business.  The origin of a recommendation or referral is a happy customer; we both strive to base our business on doing the right thing which leads to having happy, contented customers."

"Allowing time, making time and embracing time are important commodities you have at your disposal for developing relationships and building trust with others whom you might eventually do business with.  It's about growing the relationship, starting from a seed and nurturing it until it turns into a giant poak, enriching the relationship as you go so that it is fruitful."

"If you told someone you were going to do something, then be the person today that you were when you made the commitment.  Be that person the following day and keep that promise.  Be consistent and reliable in what you say you're going to do and demonstrate that reliability through consistency."

"Lifetime relationships are underpinned by the trust built up over time and consistently show us that money follows trust.  The higher the level of trust the less friction or fewer obstacles will stand in the way of business."

"The three key roles; Trailblazer, Dealmaker and Specialist; interact together and are interdependent with each other within the Business Engine.  The fourth role, Doers, are at the heart of the business and vital to the success of any venture."

"As an entrepreneur, you will probably identify with one of the three cornerstone positions; are you a Trailblazer, Dealmaker or Specialist?  Or are you a Doer?  Whichever role you naturally fit in to, set yourself the task of filling the other responsibilities in the triangle."

"A Trailblazer is the light, the fire and the mover and shaker of a company.  They are the drivers of the brand; the ideas machine and they are the people-focused leader.  Trailblazers can be the stars of a business and are often the public face of the company or brand with which their name is immediately associated."

27 Ways to Build Trust in Business and Life, derived from the book. You are welcome to download it for free HERE


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