"Trust is the New Currency is a much-needed book in this fast-moving world. If every business learned to create a profound sense of trust through everything they do, not only would their bottom line improve but it would also create a culture that attracts great talent and opportunities. Consciously creating trust is good for business, good for people and good for the world."

                                       MASAMI SATO, Founder B1G1


"A fantastic, straightforward and honest book. It highlights the importance of having a higher purpose or as the authors call it - the big why - which we as entrepreneurs can use as rocket fuel for the greater good."

Mike Frisby, Multiple property business owner


"Three new models explained simply and with clarity. The Trust Triangle, The Business Engine and The Investment Triangle are bound to help any entrepreneur on their journey to success.  Apply them in your business."

Andrew Eggleton, Presenting Mentor


"Trust is more important than ever. This book offers a model for entrepreneurs to create the foundations of trust faster and enjoy the process. Sheila and Fredrik draw upon their long and varied experiences as entrepreneurs and the lessons they’ve gained in building trust. This jargon-free book will give you practical wisdom for building stronger bonds around your business and brand."

Daniel Priestley, CEO Dent Global


"I love the concept of this book, and I agree that Trust is the New Currency. This book has been well thought out and presented in an easy to understand methodology which will help you to build an effective core team. All entrepreneurs can use the high-level information to introduce and keep trust flowing in their business. It’s great to see Sheila and Fredrik collaborate in this way. Highly recommended."

Simon Zutshi, Author of best-selling “Property Magic”
Founder of property investors network


"Trust is the new currency. Couldn’t have put it better myself. In the modern world of business, the internet and social media, trust is one of the most important, yet overlooked tools. By applying the principles, the authors detail in this book within your business, communication and relationships will improve, you’ll be able to manage projects better and will find it easier to get the results you want."

Rob Wilkinson, Cofounder - Crowd with Us


★★★★★ Stunning
Format: Paperback
This book is a must read for all budding entrepreneurs and business owners. Jargon free, clear, concise and honest. I particularly like the authenticity shown by the authors in using examples of their successes AND failures in business and where “trust” has played an important part in building their successful businesses. It is a book with a difference and the use of the triangle as a visual aid is very clever. It could easily become the “go-to” book to help business owners understand the link between trust and developing long term relationships that will help them build a successful business. Learn how to “tune in to and not ignore your gut instincts”. Really enjoyable and thought provoking."

Amazon Customer
★★★★★ Time to change your business focus
Format: Paperback
"This book caused me to reflect on where I am focused on my business. Trust and integrity are values that have always been key to me but they've been running in the background rather than being actively employed as building blocks for business. In a market where real trust can be hard to find, I look forward to attracting opportunities by applying the easy-to-follow models explained by Sheila and Fredrik."

★★★★★ Excellent

Format: Kindle Edition
"The principles and concepts are powerful as they are explained in very clear language in a way that you can understand and apply. Written with soul and blends emotion and logic perfectly."

Jeff Hancock
★★★★★ Proper development, not shelf development
Format: Paperback
"An amazing insight into property, lending and most importantly building trust in my life and in my network. 
Looking forward to a next edition or future content from the authors."

Angela Gallagher
★★★★★ A fresh new take on the route to business success
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
"It’s really refreshing to find a book for entrepreneurs that recognises the importance of connecting and using your instincts, while still being practical and providing concrete tools. You really feel that this isn’t just another one of those books written to get the author rich quick: there’s integrity behind this. The authors walk the talk. Written in a clear and accessible style this is definitely one to add to your library."

Format: Kindle Edition
"Fantastic model for business and entrepreneurs! Easy to read and easy to apply. A+ 5*"


Fredrik has had an article published in a magazine based on some of the content from our book:

This article features in a magazine for the National Developers Summit, written in January 2020